Black Rob was aged 51 and passed on while battling kidney failure.

He was a member of Diddy’s Bad Boy music group.

His former labelmates including radio personality, DJ Self, announced his death in posts monitored by African Entertainment on social media.

Black Rob with Diddy and the rest of the Bad Boy crew

According to DJ Self, Black Rob passed away on  Saturday, April 17, 2021, while on admission in a hospital in Atlanta, USA.

Black Rob

DJ Self wrote on Instagram: “Lord knows i tried to get help …… I’m sad to say RIP to Black Rob.” Self had been with Rob in his final days, posting different clips of the former MC as his health was clearly deteriorating. In one such video, Rob himself explained that he’d been battling health issues for five years … including several strokes and other ailments. It also sounds like Rob might have been homeless too … going on to say he needed “rest.”