Ghana Politicians Uses Us And Throw Us Away Like Condoms – Angry Efia Odo Rants On Twitter


Socialite and ex TV presenter Efia Odo has joined the trending #FixTheCountry on social media to vent out her displeasure about the economy.

Since yesterday, many Ghanaian have used the hashtag ‘Fix The Country’ to express their displeasure about the state of Ghana and how poor our leaders are managing affairs.

Efia Odo just like the many unhappy citizens had a lot to say including how politicians use her and other Ghanaians for their pleasure and throw them away after elections.

Efia Odo expressed that politicians only see the importance of citizens when elections are neigh but right after, they discard everyone like used condoms.

In a twitter trend captured below, the nudist poured out everything she felt was wrong with the country including hypocrite celebrities who are refusing to join the online protest.

Check it out below.

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