Hot Video: Young Lady Who Was Allegedly Fingered On Live TV By Counselor Lutterodt Sparks Another Controversy With Her Latest Video


You would recall that a young lady went viral on social media after it was alleged that Counselor Lutterodt played with her Cl!toris during a late night show dabbed ”Red Light”.

Well, the young lady has since been identified as Naomi Gold and guess what, she has been captured in a new video with her colleague speaking about licking the vajayjay of a woman. According to Naomi, the men out there must go on their knees to worship the vajayjay of their partners when making love.

She further disclosed that men who do not lick the vajayjay of their partners are missing a lot because going down on your woman or giving your woman a head is indeed the real ish.

Checkout the video below;


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