Shatta Wale Announces To Retire from Music



Shatta Wale has announced that he is retiring from music – He said he has made so much money from music to go into businesses – Shatta Wale said he is poised to get business opportunities and employment for the youth.

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Ghanaian musician, Shatta Wale, has announced that it is time for him to retire from music. He said he is retiring after releasing his new album, GOGAlbum, because he has made enough money to venture into business. Shatta Wale, however, did not disclose when this new album would be released to show when he is retiring. A collage of Shatta Wale. Photo credit: @shattawalenima/Instagram Source: Original His revelation has caused a sort of mixed feelings among his fans with some celebrating the news while others cried and wished Shatta Wale would never retire from music:

Nana, for instance, thanked God that Shatta Wale’s kind of musician is going to end with his retirement:

Kofi also urged Shatta Wale to retire because he has nothing better to offer:

Quasi also celebrated, saying that Shatta Wale’s retirement means Ghanaians would stop listening to bad songs:

Ama also encouraged Shatta Wale to retire because she is tired of “borla” (rubbish) songs:

Cecil does not want Shatta Wale to go saying that there would be no entertainer like him:

Shulace also cried and hope Shatta Wale was only pranking Ghanaians with the announcement. He wrote that he is the best ever: Read more:

Black Pope had his opinion:

Flanca also begged Shatta Wale not to retire:

Chris said Shatta Wale cannot retire without permission from him:

Meanwhile, Shatta Wale was in the news recently when his baby mama, Michy, said she wasted her youth with him. Michy said she regrets being with Shatta Wale because she wasted her youthful years with him when she appeared as a panelist on McBrown’s United Showbiz programme. In reacting to Michy’s claims, Shatta Wale said he will never mention Michy’s name in a bad way despite all the challenges they have faced over the years. Shatta Wale also boasted that he is a good man and that God knows that very well. Despite their separation, Shatta Wale listed a house and car as some of the big things he has given to Michy, though she claims her years with him are a waste of her youth.

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