A Lady ‘Kills’ Her Mother By Stealing All Live Savings From The Bank


An old woman who recently undergoes kidney transplant and gradually recovering from shock and pains has been left in a state of devastating after calling on her pastors to accompany her to the bank for a transaction that will enable her purchase a fridge and fufu pounding machine for a small business, sadly left the bank with uncontrollable tears as her account balance reads zero, zero.

It’s said in Akan that; ‘Aboa bi beka wo a na ofiri wo ntoma mu’ (literary, an insect will bite you ONLY from within your cloth). That is to say, your destroyer is right next to you. After statement was printed it confirms that the thief started withdraw money since January 2020 till this April 2021 through her own mobile money transfer.

The woman is in her early sixties, threatened to summon the person to the Ashanti river goddess, Antoa Nyamaa’, dramatically her own daughter who is a mother of twins identified as Linda, runs to Mama Efe Amanor at Nyhira FM, Obra program, to confess how wicked she has been to her own mother.


She was on record to have admitted looting from the mother on countless occasion ranging from the her purse, mobile money and the bank due to hardship. strangely she once used the mother’s phone to have borrowed from MTN quick loans which was paid on the blind side of the mother.

She claims she doesn’t deserve to be called her daughter hence the studio screw should render an unqualified apology to the mother, while she vowed never to let it repeat itself.

Currently the woman is confuse as whether to hand her daughter over to the Police or not.

Sincerely this act is really happening in most homes, the young girls steal from the old and uneducated innocent ones, just because they are naive about the MoMo transactions.


I think crime is crime the woman should put sentiment aside and let the law take it course. Saying it won’t happen again where is the poor woman going to get some for you to come and take, considering her age.

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