Fetish Priestess Who Allegedly Instructed Two Kasoa Boys To Murder Ishmael Granted Bail (Video)


The fetish priestess who allegedly instructed the two boys from Kasoa to murder someone and provide a sum of 5,000ghc for money ritual has been granted bail by the Police service.

The famous fetish priestess who has been identified as Charity, was granted bail on Thursday, April 8, 2021, exactly 24hrs after her arrest.

Recall, the two Kasoa boys allegedly told the court that they were instructed by a fetish priestess they saw on TV to murder someone and bring a sum of 5,000ghc for money rituals.

Following their confession in court on Tuesday, the Ghana Police Service set out on a manhunt for the alleged fetish priestess who influenced the teenagers to kill ten year old Ishmael Mensah.

On Wednesday, the alleged fetish priestess was arrested at Amanase in Suhum, where her heavy shrine is situated.

However, after investigations by the police, the two Kasoa boys failed to identify the fetish priestess saying she’s not the one they saw on TV.

This caused the Police Service to grant Madam Charity bail. Another reason that influenced the bail is the fact that Charity, the fetish priestess, is a breastfeeding mother.


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