Fire outbreak at Korle Bu Maternity Ward


At exactly 1AM GMT on Wednesday Dawn when the whole Ghana was half asleep, reports and videos surfaced on social media suggesting the Korle Bu Maternity ward had caught fire.

Well, guess what, Management of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra says it is not true that the maternity block of the hospital has been gutted by fire.

The clarification follows a viral video circulating on social media on Wednesday dawn.

The minute video, shared on social media showed nurses at the maternity ward of the hospital, attempting to evacuate some newly born babies from a room believed to be on fire.

In the video, the male voice alleged that although the Ghana Fire Service has been called, personnel are yet to arrive on scene.

Again, viewers were asked to come to the aid of hospital staff and the babies if they were interested in helping.

Reacting to the viral reports on social media, the Public Relations Officer for the Hospital, Mustapha Salifu described it as an exaggeration.

In a post sighted by on the hospital’s official social media accounts, Mr Mustapha explained that an air-conditioning system at the doctors’ restroom caught fire, but the situation was quickly contained.

Maternity Block of Korle Bu is not on Fire
The Maternity Block of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital(KBTH) is not on fire as been alleged on social media.
What happened was an air-conditioner switch in one of the restroom of the doctors started emitting smoke which was detected by staff on duty at around 9pm yesterday.
The staff on duty quickly used fire extinguishers to put out the fire before the arrival of the Ghana National Fire Service(GNFS).
As a precautionary measure, some of the babies were moved to another wing of the same floor. We wish to state no patient or staff suffered any casualties or injury.
Normal operations have resumed after assessment by the Ghana National Fire Service indicated that, there was no further threat of danger to either patients or staff.
We wish to commend the staff on duty for their alertness and professionalism.
Mustapha Salifu
Head of PR
Korle Bu Teaching Hospital






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