Yawa Video: A Woman Undr£ssed And Beaten After She Was Caught Stealing A Phone

It might be the 21st century, but in some countries, many still operate with some barbaric principles and practices of the centuries-long past. Jungle justice is one of such practices.

Various incidents reported daily in Africa , gets one scared with how unsafe is with many individuals going around with very deadly views and violent approaches to handling issues.

So often we see or hear of people being mobbed or lynched for stealing or committing one crime or the other. Gradually we are becoming base animals and really need our minds re-examined.

In a recent development, A woman escaped death by a whisker after she was caught stealing a phone in one of the shops in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area.

A video shared on Twitter shows a rowdy mob descending on her with kicks and blows and threatening to lynch her.

The irate mob even undressed her. However, she was saved by some kind-hearted Somali guys.

Cyprian Nyakundi shared the video saying, “Suspected phone thief handed mob justice by members of the public in an Eastleigh mall. All this is due to Uhuru’s misguided lockdown/curfew and lack of jobs. #UnlockOurCountry NOW you overfed cool kids-turned thieves”.

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