I Will Verbally Assault You For Saying Rapper Used To Pound Fufu For Sarkodie

Manager of Ghanaian hip-hop musician Strongman, Mohammed Muhi-Deen has threatened to ‘verbally assault’ a radio pundit for ‘chasing clout’ with the name of his artiste.

Last week, a pundit on a show on Kumasi-based Nhyira FM claimed that Strongman used to pound fufu for Sarkodie when he was under SarkCess Music label, adding that the BET Award-winner did nothing for Strongman.

Reacting to this, Strongman’s manager took to Facebook yesterday to warn the radio pundit to stop the ‘lies’ and further threatened to verbally attack her if she doesn’t listen.

“Hello Ruthy Mummie De-nelson, here is the 15 seconds of clout you ordered,” Mohammed Muhi-Deen said in his Facebook post.

He continued: “This should be the last you sit on any platform to spew lies and disrespect to the Strongman brand. Respect yourself and stay away from anything Strongman related; else the next time I come at you, no [human] right activist and NGO can save you.”

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