Matilda Asare lands herself in big trouble after saying there is nothing to be fixed in this country

Matilda Asare is now on the receiving end of insults from social media users over comments she made on United Showbiz hosted by Nana Ama McBrown.

She has landed herself in big trouble after saying there is nothing wrong in this country that needs to be fixed

According to the Kumawood actress, Ghana is practically heaven on earth, that we don’t have any problems to be fixed, she made this claims on UTV’s United showbiz.

Her comments came at the back of the online protests that started some days ago over hardships in the country which caused concerned Ghanaians to show their frustration through the #fixthecountry hashtag.

What Matilda said concerning the #fixthecountry issue was that Ghana enjoys peace, doctors and also teachers are not on strike thus there is nothing that needs to be fixed.

She also added that the “Fix The Country” campaigners need to be specific in their demands and explain what they want the government to fix.

With counter questions from Nana Aba McBrown, Matilda Asare still posited that she believes Ghana as of now is okay and there’s no need to fix anything.

This is what caused Ghanaians on social media to descend on her for spewing garbage on National television.

Per the netizens view, she practically spewed garbage on the show with many citing that she looked clueless and childish and shouldn’t be invited ever again on the show.

While others were lenient towards her, others didn’t take it lightly as they took her to the cleaners.

Below are reactions from Twitter users;

Matilda Asare is on #UnitedShowbiz saying there is nothing to fix in the country. Lets not talk about social amenities seff, lets focus on the creative industry. How much movie actors dey make in Ghana. Can that sustain them in this country where cost of living is this high? — Dr. Ayigbe Borla Bird (@Mr_Ceyram) May 9, 2021

@TeacherKwadwo just made Matilda Asare look foolish after showing those videos of things that must be fixed, she must apologize #UnitedShowbiz #WeAreAngry — Gyama Woyale🔥🇬🇭 (@Zongo_Banku) May 8, 2021

the matilda asare woman she no get brain like that ? nana ama mcbrown we need sensible people on your show to discuss #FixTheCountry #UnitedShowbiz — EloRm🇬🇭🇪🇸 (@bbtelormfcb) May 8, 2021

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