‘Go through the media and see how I’m being insulted’ – ‘Angry’ Bagbin to Minority MPs

Alban Bagbin, Speaker of Parliament, has chided Members of Parliament for subjecting him to public ridicule in the media.

Before the business of the House commenced on Friday, November 26, 2021, the Speaker of Parliament suspended sitting for 30 minutes to allow the Majority members, who were in a caucus meeting, to enter the chamber of Parliament.

However, the House took more than two hours to resume sitting, which prompted the Minority members to chant, sing songs and criticise the leadership of the House.

An unhappy Bagbin, told the MPs that, he had his reputation to protect in serving the nation.

He explained to the MPs, the delay was caused by an audience he granted the Minister for Finance and leaders of both sides as the House prepared to vote on the 2022 Budget.

He said, “I’m saying that the suspension was for 30 minutes but it has taken us two hours or more to return, and that is because, the subject matter that we are to discuss, there’s been new development … and as Speaker, I have to be briefed.

“So, your leaders came with the Minister for Finance to brief me. Should I ignore them and come and preside because I have suspended sitting for 30 minutes?”

“Go through the media and see how I’m being insulted. Please, the only thing I have is my reputation … Please let’s be honourable Members of Parliament,” Alban Bagbin stressed.

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