Hot Video: A Ghanaian Pastor Exposed By Wife

A Ghanaian pastor who is leader of Power Light Anointing Ministry International, Apostle Patrick Owusu has been bashed and disgraced by his wife after she found him cheating on her with another woman.


According to the woman called Nana Akua, she had saved enough money from her work to build a house had live a comfortable life.

However, her husband, Apostle Patrick convinced her to lend the money to him to use to marry her and also put up an edifice for him. But unfortunately for her, he used the money to finance the wedding of another man.

” I took care of you, I bought your clothes for you, you married me with only two trousers and didn’t even have a house to live in. Today you know how to make and take women out and shop at boutiques for them! Ungrateful man! God will punish you!” She stated angrily in the video.

Watch video below;


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