Joyce Boakye In Tears After German Boga Boyfriend Allegedly Used and Dumped her

Actress Joyce Boakye appears to be engaging in massive damage control after her so-called new relationship came to an end.

Joyce claims all she was sharing the past few weeks about getting a new boyfriend was simply hype for a new series she’s appearing in.

She’s therefore calling on Ghanaians not to believe any claims that she’s a homewrecker.

In the past few weeks, Joyce Boakye has become a nuisance on social media.

She started flaunting a new guy she claimed was her new boyfriend God had dropped in her lap.

She initially shared photos and videos with him hiding his identity.

However, bloggers didn’t take long to discover who the guy was and exposed his identity.

He was identified as a certain Nana, a German borga who is a certified womaniser.

Bloggers warned Joyce Boakye to stay away from him because he uses ladies all around and dumps them, not to talk of the fact he was married.

Joyce rather increased her frequency of posting him after those warnings, almost like she was teasing the ‘haters’.

Things reached another level when she shared a video chopping ‘puppy love’ with him.

Joyce’s message was clear – she has her new man and everyone else can go to hell!

A few days ago, the man’s wife came out to expose him and Joyce for cheating behind her back.

She revealed the man told her he was going to Ghana on business only for her to find him online romancing an actress.

After that expose, the man left to go back to Germany, leaving Joyce empty-handed in Ghana.

Out of embarrassment, Joyce now claims the whole thing was hype for an upcoming series.

If they were hyping a show then they did a poor job because up till now I don’t know what the show is supposed to be!

Either way, no one is buying her explanation as social media users say she’s just changing her story out of embarrassment.

Listen to Joyce trying to do damage control on her love life below…


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