Kwahu L£sbians Who Were Arrested For Trying To Get Married $£x Tape l£aked [Watch]

One of the most trending topics in Ghana this week has been the video of Ghanaian ladies who tying tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony.

In videos from the supposed ladies which has been the two ladies are seen in the midst of others at what looks likes a reception for them.

The first of the videos shows one of the ladies on top l!cking the other one which cannot tell the one espoused to be male and female.

The two were engaged in a happy move l!cking and fingering each other while, in the background; we could see another partners who are into the same game trying to stop them for they have made it too long.

we cant tell how the tape got out but in the video seen the two ladies enjoying themselves in the act.

Watch The Video below.

Were are sorry we cant upload the video here due to its features

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