Most Pastors Are Mad And A Majority Of Christians Are Stup!D – Captain Smart Fumes

Captain Smart has landed a brutal attack on the fake pastors in the country plus the gullible Christians who defy common sense to practice the lies that their pastors preach to them.

Whiles reacting to a video that has gone viral on the internet in which a section of some senseless Christians were filmed butchering Satan with a machete – Captain Smart contended that the severe poverty in Africa should be attributed to the over practice of religion.

According to Captain Smart, most of the problems we are facing in the world at the moment are caused by Chrtsiata s because about almost 80% of the world’s population are Christians.

Angry Captain Smart also added that all the corruption scandals and sagas that hit the country are masterminded by Christians.

During his bitter yet analytical rants – He said;

God doesn’t just bless people who pray, He blesses people who pray and also the reason so it is not about going to church to pray all day for God’s blessings. God will not bless you. Africa is like that we are fools.




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