My boyfriend had 77 spirits, nearly lived underseas with Mami Wata-Kasawale

Kumawood actress turned Evangelist Cindarella Blonde popularly known as Kasawale has revealed, her boyfriend had spirits and nearly introduced her to Mami Wata.

According to Kasawale in an enthralling interview on GHPage TV revealed that she met the guy about five years ago at an eatery place in an area in Kumasi, Roman Hill, right after she passed out from learning a trade in bridal decorations.

She said, the guy seeing her for the first time made an interesting comment like “I have been looking for you for a long time “ – which sounded as if he knows her already.

She was surprised but the gentleman referred to seeing her in movies rather after she tried to enquire what he actually meant.

She explained, the guy visited her in her shop and made a proposal which she rejected but recommended that they can be friends, more or less, brothers and sisters.

The gentleman went out and later came back to her shop with a ‘Don Simon’ which surprisingly, happens to be her favourite drink.

In the course of taking the drink with him, Kasawale said her mind started changing from letting us be “brothers and sister” to now “I like, we can be in a relationship.

Kasawale continued that, they started confiding in each other which she told him that she’s being haunted by spiritual marriage – which has affected her previous relationships and has been to several pastors for a solution but to no avail.

He promised to introduce her to his spiritual father which she thought is a pastor but turned out that it wasn’t. Moreover, started seeing changes in her newfound man,” his eyes could turn reddish and disappear within minutes”.

As time goes on in the relationship, her boy started given her concoctions to drink and at times bathe with some of them.

Kasawale claims, at that time, she believed she was still under the spell from the drink he gave her on the first date and so couldn’t challenge most of his decisions.

Eight months into their relationship, his boyfriend confessed to her that, he was indeed working with 77 spirits, which comprises dwarfs and Mami Wata.

In spite of all these, Kasawale claimed she was taking care of this boy, meaning he was sent to destroy her.

Although some of the spirits could provide a lotto number, she claimed they weren’t revealing it to her boy because if they do, she will enjoy the proceeds which go against their tenets.

Kasawale in the captivating interview with GHPage TV revealed the spirits were male and females and he gave her a ring she could use to summon the females.

They used these ‘bad’ spirits to cause a lot of harm to people’s businesses and lives.

Kasawale said they went to Benin to visit the guy’s spiritual father as he had previously proposed.

It was there that they made attempts to send her under the sea to meet Mami Wata which would climax her introduction into the spirit world.

Upon several attempts at the shore of the sea, she heard a strange voice shouting into her ears “where are you going”, which caused her to run for her life.


Kasawale claimed to have been in the movie industry for close to 16 years and have acted in close to 100 movies.

She is now much more involved in Youtube skits, as it is the order of the day after the Kumawood movie productions have somewhat died out.




Watch the full interview with Kasawale below;




Source: Ghpage

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