My Wife and I Aborted 6 Babies All Because Of Poverty – Man Boldly Reveals

According to him, he felt they were doing themselves and the children a favour by not bringing them into the world to suffer with them but now he deeply regrets his decisions.

He told Rev Nyansa Boakwa on the Boneka Edition of Happy 98.9 FM’s NsemPii, “Things turned out to even be worse than when we hadn’t aborted the babies. And the worse part of it is that we want a child now and we cannot have a child” he said bitterly.

He mentioned that, if he had known that things would become this worse then he would have just kept the children as at when they got pregnant because now they want just one child and they cannot get it.

“We have tried everything possible and we keep praying asking God for forgiveness because we know what we did was not right,” he said.

He called out for help from Rev Nyansa Boakwa and his team as he mentioned that things are extremely difficult for him now and he believes that all this is as a result of the 6 abortions he and his wife had.

He added that he deeply regrets his actions and advised couples having the same intentions for one reason or the other not to go on with it

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