Video: Three boys spotted bathing at the cemetery for the purpose of money Rituals.

The rate at which some youths of today are eager to get the money is very worrisome and alarming. They will go to any extent to get the paper to flex some.

In this 21st Century, money is everything. The amount of money you have determines the respect society accords you and your family.

Long life, then was the most cherished thing but now the greed for more money has relegated that to the background.

‘Obiaa p3 Sika’. Money ritual regardless of how dangerous it is is now the fastest approach in getting one’s account full with dollars and cedis.

Unfortunately is the avenue some desperate youths have resorted to. Disappointed generation indeed. Let me leave it here.

In a viral video, 3 boys were seen at the cemetery bathing apparently for money ritual purposes.

They bathed bare-chested with a red piece of cloth wrapped around their waist with the rain as their source of water amid using sponge and soap.

They could also be heard murmuring some incantations as they bathe in the rain at the cemetery.

Well, the video after it went viral has got some people shocked. They can’t fathom seeing the 3 boys, apparently below the 25-year mark going to that extent to get money.

However, others are doubting as to if it’s indeed a money ritual direction because they think it may be one of those skits shot to create awareness on the negatives of money rituals.

What do you also think after watching the video? Let us know your observations

Watch video below

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