Pastor In Trouble For Going After A ‘married Woman’ At Nsuta In Ashanti Region

According to the word of God, some signs will prove the end time is near and that is exactly what we are experiencing now. I live in Nsuta in the Sekyere-Central district in the Ashanti region. This what has happened today that I also want you to hear and be cautious with pastors you go to them for counseling and prayers.

Though we can judge if they are a true man of God or not but the bible says their fruit will determine who they are and that is what happened today at Nsuta this afternoon.

A married woman who went for counseling and prayers at one of the New charismatic churches opened and she was caught having an affair with the pastor. According to the information, she went there because she has lived with her husband for almost ten years without a child and her friend introduce the pastor to her.

Her friend told her the pastor is very powerful and he can help her get a child. She also listened to her friend and went. Through prayers, the pastor told her God has revealed to him unless they have an affair before she can have a child. A woman who has been married for 10-years and desperate for a child also heeded what he said.

Through the time it was going on, unfortunately, another church member who was coming to see the pastor came to meet what was going on and started shouting. Just within a minute, people surrounded the place because they thought it was a thief not knowing this is what happened.

According to information, the married woman is not from the same place we are yet to know where she comes from.


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