Pastor ‘reveals’ why Agradaa went into fetish priesthood

According to him, she used to sell clothes in the market and when she wasn’t making enough, she decided to go into fraudulent activities to make money.

He said, “She has always been one who is into the habit of luring people into believing into something false and duping them of their money”.

He also noted that the former priestess now evangelist had suffered for a very long time and wanted to leave a better life, “so if duping people of their hard earned money was the last thing she’ll do to make ends meet she was ready to do and that is what she actually did”.

He went on to say that he was very sure that she made a pledge to herself to do whatever it takes to make it and that is what we all saw her do.

Her mindset was has always been to make wealth and as the smart woman that she is, “She took advantage of the time and our system in Ghana so I will not blame her entirely. She started defrauding people of their money with her former husband Togbui Akapko”.

He went on to say Agradaa always made sure that things worked for her whenever she found herself and, “It didn’t matter what it took her. She doesn’t even mind giving herself to you to be rich and that is the kind of person Agradaa is”.

Rev Nyansa emphasized that Ghanaians hate being told the truth and should change. He also advised people to be careful and take a cue from her life and watch the means through which they make their money.

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