Serwaa Broni returns to Parliament during 2022 budget reading

The name Serwaa Broni has once again made its way to the floor of Ghana’s Parliament.

A name that has become common on Ghana’s social media space, Serwaa Broni became a topic of discussion owing to allegations by a Canadian-based Ghanaian woman against some of the country’s top political figures.

Barely two weeks after a Member of Parliament cited the name as an example during a submission on the floor which elicited uncontrollable laughter in the house, the Minority side brought Serwaa Broni back during the presentation of the 2022 financial budget.

Right after the speaker had adjourned sitting to bring the event to an end, the minority side geared into a chanting spree to taunt the majority side.

For a brief moment, the Minority side roared with repeated chants of “Serwaa Broni” as a way of taunting the majority side.

The Minority Leader, had earlier on the floor described the budget as compounding on the sufferings of Ghanaians owing to the introduction of some new tax policies by the government.


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