The media is full of negativity that is why we don’t grant interview- R2Bees

Well known Ghanaian music group R2Bees, involving Omar Sterling and Mugeez, has uncovered what illuminated their choice not to give both radio and TV interviews.

In an interview with Hitz FM, Mugeez and Omar Sterling (Paedae) uncovered why they decide to avoid any spotlight which doesnt reverberate with a phase.

Talking energetically about the matter, Paedae revealed that such disagreeableness from the media illuminated their choice to mind their own business.

He said: When we began, we used to do interviews. Dislike weve been similar to this from when we came. What e acknowledged is a portion of the interviews we used to do in those days, the greater part of the writers attempted to exploit. They attempt to clout pursue.

Paedae expressed that this conduct isn’t reliable with their standards as sure individuals. Also, thus the need to separate themselves from all the uproar.

We are not simply artists. We are strong individuals. We have confidence in advancing inspiration. So we realize how now and then the media centers such a great amount around the negative only for clout. So we attempt to pull ourselves. Not that we dont need to do interviews, we simply attempt to avoid the entire cynicism.

Mugeez further disclosed that they came to make music. What’s more, that all others things are optional and not of significance.

I accept music is everything we do. We came here to sing. So anything separated from it isn’t our central concern. Once the mic is on, we need to sing. So interviews resemble the following thing for us.

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