Tragic occurrence occurred at Tema Harbour Transit Yard, one person dead

An accident occurred at Tema harbour’s transit yard around 5:00 p.m. yesterday, killing one person.

The deceased’s name is unknown at this moment, but he fell while loading a long vehicle.

According to a witness at the harbour transit yard, the long vehicle was meant to be loaded with products from two containers, but due to pressure from above, they had to load three instead of two.

As a result, workers loading the long vehicle are also able to load all three containers’ contents.

However, the goods become very high during the loading, and those on the top of the goods in the long vehicle make the mistake of stepping back to take something from a friend because it was also part of the goods they were loading, and he doesn’t stand well and falls from the top of the goods on the long vehicle.

He didn’t die instantly because he hit the ground with his head. Others at the harbour’s transport yard try everything they can to keep their brother alive until an ambulance arrives, but they wait a long time and no ambulance arrives, so he dies.



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